We carry out all aspects of fencing what ever your needs may be. We have done deer fencing for estates, Dog fencing for dog handlers, Security fencing, All aspects of domestic close boarding and entrance gates. Here are a selection of photo’s showing some of the types of fencing and gates we do such as –


Closeboard is a strong and sturdy fence which is a better option than panels, with rails morticed into the posts and all fixed together on site. Many heights are available to suit your needs or ideas and some prefer a trellace on top, and also a capping and round top posts to finish the fence off nicely.


Cheaper option than closeboard, quicker and easier to install. Would always recommend Closeboard over panels but they do have a place for certain projects. Come in a variety of forms, straight edge, waney edge, closeboarded panels.


Very nice looking fence with the nicety of being able to see through the fence and also a factor which reduces the amount of pressure from the wind hitting th fence.


Very strong, mainly erected as chestnut. A strong durable hardwood that will always outlast softwood even if treated. Most uses are for horses as it is strong but is also a very good option in three rail for a driveway. The extra rail really smartens the look of the fence.


We can have entrance gates made to your exact requirements, type of wood, style, size. Also will assist you with your idea and explain differ at types of fittings and options that will best suit what you have in mind.

Click photo’s to view larger version







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